Tom Kneepkens creates high-quality objects that are the epitome of refined luxury. They are personal and timeless, striking and unique.

Honing his designs to perfection, architect Tom Kneepkens ensures that they are stunningly good-looking as well as conducive to a superior enjoyment of life. He translates his clients’ requirements into one-off end products that are delicately balanced and perfectly in tune with their users and their environment. And he does it time and time again.

His splendid creations never fail to inspire and fascinate. Timeless in their elegance, their apparent simplicity belies their power to impress with harmony. The authentic materials used by Tom Kneepkens lend his projects both character and warmth.Closed for holidays from Closed for holidays from

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Tom Kneepkens

Determined and empathetic. Widely-travelled and passionate. Personal and ambitious. Above all, Tom is down-to-earth, creative, and has an enquiring mind. He appreciates the good things in life, and as an architect he is driven by the beauty in his designs, his ambition to amaze, and his desire for perfection down to the minutest of details.

Architect Tom Kneepkens gets his inspiration from the world of nature, life, city trips, and travels to faraway places with his family. And then there are the commissions themselves. An experienced professional, rather than following a fixed style he likes to focus on the location, its history and the possibilities it offers, the client’s requirements, and the opportunities for creating occasions of pure joy.

The combination of his creativity and the way he approaches each new project with a fresh mind results in uniquely satisfying and highly personal living spaces that enhance the well-being of their users. They form the perfect expression of each client’s unique requirements and identity.



Tom Kneepkens designs his dream houses as a self-employed architect for the high-end interior and exterior, to the great satisfaction of his clients. In recent years he has also worked closely with a renowned landscape gardener in an extremely successful collaboration that enables each of the two participants to realise the ideal living environment for the client. The combined result is a total concept of warmly welcoming comfort, made possible by a team of professionals gathering round the design table right from the very start of the project.

Architect Tom Kneepkens designes the exterior and interior, using the floor plan and routing data to optimise the design. This unique way of working also enables them to integrate the greatest views in the design, allow sunlight to enter the house to the best possible effect, and create a coherent connection with the outside world. The creative landscape gardener — who is an active participant throughout the design process — completes the domestic dream by making sure the garden design is perfectly adapted to the house as well as its occupants.

The end result is a unique living environment that offers ample opportunity for the many little things that make life beautiful. An outside wall heated by the sun that invites you to sit and enjoy a glass of wine on a spring evening. The rays of the sun that enter the kitchen to give your morning coffee just that little bit extra. A delightful synergy between interior, exterior, and garden. Domestic delight thanks to a unique collaboration of highly trained professional who manage to lift each other to a higher level.